CE4 Clearomizer vs CE5

What is the difference between a CE4 and a CE5 clearomizer? We explain what sets the CE5 apart from the CE4, and what similarities the two share.   (more…)

GS H2 Bottom Coil Clearomizer

Whether are you a veteran looking for something more affordable or a new user trying out the vaping experience, the GS-H2 Clearomizer has something to offer. Boasting a newer development in technology use and better design, this clearomizer will give you good vaping…

CE4 Clearomizer

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a greener and healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. This electrical device resembles a tobacco cigarette in appearance, but does not contain all of the harsh chemicals found in tobacco products. Instead, the e-cigarette heats up a liquid solution…

Ohm Reader Atomizer Cartomizer Tester Meter

Using your eCig device can be easier with a special device that helps monitor battery voltage for your atomizer (more…)

Types Of Electronic Cigarettes And Their Features

Electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 in China. The first device was large in size, and vaporization characteristics did not differ perfection. (more…)

Apollo eGo Clearomizer CE4 (Stardust) – 5 PACK

The Ego CE4 starter kit is the latest product in vaporizing technology to help people shift from tobacco based cigarette usage to inhaling vapor of nicotine flavored e-liquid. The kit consists of two lithium batteries and the customer can choose between various colors…

Hammer Mechanical Mod Clone

Advanced mod users may enjoy this particular hammer mod as it is not only eye catching but made of quality stainless steel material. (more…)

Electronic Cigarettes Liquid

E Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a special aroma for nicotine solution, which is used for refueling cartridges in an e-cigarette device. Its application will allow you to save on purchasing new cartridges. (more…)

AGO G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Kit

The Ago G5 Vaporizer Pen is the best dry herb vaporizer pen on the market. The pen is designed to be lightweight, portable and discreet. (more…)

Protank II/2 V2 Mini Clearomizer

The Protank 2 Mini offers all of the same great features of the original Protank, but in a smaller size and convenient design. Its modular design allows for all parts to be replaced and makes it easy to disassemble the device for cleaning.…