Best Chocolate Mocha E-Liquids in 2017

[su_heading] A Little About Chocolate & Mocha [/su_heading] History Of Chocolate: According to, over 2,000 years ago in the tropical rainforests of the Americas, a secret was discovered: the seeds of the cacao tree could be processed into a tasty treat. The…

Income Replacement Planning for New Franchisees

As you -- a soon-to-be Vaping Franchise - make your itemized vaping product or e-liquid list of start-up costs, the biggest number will probably be the funds it takes to cover your personal expenses before you draw a paycheck. The way these funds… Ring Of Fire

Kind Juice natural Artisanal E-Liquid - Ring of Fire is a combination of uniqueness, satisfaction creativity and professional skill on the best vape juice. Taste is dead on, the vapor is incredible. If they stop carrying the danish, this will take its place.…

Juggling With Concentrations

When you switch to electronic cigarettes, you expect a number of changes. You know that your house, car, hair and clothes won’t smell so unpleasant anymore and that you won’t have to deal with ashes and tar dirtying and staining your things. What…

Mixing your own flavored juice…

One of the things I am frequently asked about is the nicotine liquid aka juice.This question always comes up after I say, “This is my new favorite flavor that I’ve made – Blueberry Mint juice”. The question is always, “You make your own…

Product Reviews

Best Chocolate Mocha E-Liquids in 2017

9.4 Overall rating
Flavor 9.5
10 9
Value 9.5
Packaging 9.5

Vapage Pocket Pack Electronic Cigarette

7.5 Overall rating
First Look 7
Features 8
Quality 7.5
Price 7.5
Flavor 7.5

Envy Delight Disposable E-Cigarette Review

7.4 Overall rating
First Look 7
Quality 7
Price 7.5
Performance and Flavor 8

eGo-W E-Cigarette Review

7.6 Overall rating
First Look 7.5
Features 8
Quality 7
Price 7.5
Flavor 8

Cigavette Cuvana E-Cigar Review

8.4 Overall rating
Taste 8
Quality 8.5
Price 7
Brand 9.5