Juggling With Concentrations


Often e-smoking beginners how many cigarettes correspond to one bottle of e-liquid or the other way around – how much e-liquid corresponds to one packet of cigarettes. It’s difficult to find a simple answer to this question without searching online for vaping forums or Ecig Reviews site. Actually, it all depends on many factors. After […]

Mixing your own flavored juice…

One of the things I am frequently asked about is the nicotine liquid aka juice.This question always comes up after I say, “This is my new favorite flavor that I’ve made – Blueberry Mint juice”. The question is always, “You make your own…

Made in the USA E-Liquid – Well, Sort Of …

Every single month I am contacted by at least one e-liquid supplier, claiming they have the best e-juice on the face of the planet and that people are lining up the world around to buy their products. Even though I know I'll likely…

Vape Box Subscription Service Review

More and More People are putting down their cigarette and picking up vapor products in its place. Many people have felt frustrated, chained down to the cancerous stick, and tried numerous times to quit unsuccessfully. Better than anything else they’ve tried, people are…

Vapage Pocket Pack Electronic Cigarette

Recently, I received an email from Vapage asking if I’d like to receive a review sample of one of their products. I always love to try a new electronic cigarette, so I accepted and waited for my new Vapage Pocket Pack to arrive…

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

What are electronic cigarettes? An electronic cigarette is a device that allows a smoker to satisfy their nicotine craving in a way that involves no smoke or burning tobacco. An electronic cigarette creates vapor rather than smoke, which creates no bad smells in…

Product Reviews

Vapage Pocket Pack Electronic Cigarette

7.5 Overall rating
First Look 7
Features 8
Quality 7.5
Price 7.5
Flavor 7.5

Envy Delight Disposable E-Cigarette Review

7.4 Overall rating
First Look 7
Quality 7
Price 7.5
Performance and Flavor 8

eGo-W E-Cigarette Review

7.6 Overall rating
First Look 7.5
Features 8
Quality 7
Price 7.5
Flavor 8

Cigavette Cuvana E-Cigar Review

8.4 Overall rating
Taste 8
Quality 8.5
Price 7
Brand 9.5